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Bellashoot Community Etiquette

Be Courteous

Bellashoot is a community of diverse individuals. We understand that individual tastes are personal, but please be respectful of others in your communications and act without prejudice.

Share & give credit

Give credit where credit is due. When sharing third-party articles, blog posts, etc., always try to include the person’s #username, blog, article link that penned the article. It not only provides a proper source credit for the piece of content, but it lets the person know you shared it.

Be Involved

Express yourself, let your inner beauty out helping & interacting with beauty lovers. Be an active member by posting content, liking & commenting on other’s posts.

No spamming or selling

Post content that’s relevant & helpful to all.

No Tolerance Policy

Spam, nudity, hateful content and/or disrespectful activity is not tolerated in the Bellashoot community. If you come across any such inappropriate activity, please flag the post or email us at [email protected]